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5 day course Proprioception with Sam Turner!

Proprioception training will give you a deeper understanding of dog’s bodies and how to use exercises to enhance fitness and strength as well as mental and physical stamina. In this course there will be a combination of theory and practice. The theory will look at the different exercise we use and why we use them. What is the effect on the body and what do we need to look out for.

Movement: different gaits of dogs. Which gaits are preferred by dogs and which do we look at for training.
Which materials do we use and why, safety and proper handling skills. How to then coach handlers to teach and guide their dogs.
We will also be looking at working together with professionals like osteopaths and fysiotherapists. When to refer clients to a professional therapist and how do you refer them.

The practical part will consist of working individual dogs in the different exercises. During these sessions you will learn to look and see. Especially this last part is important. Proprioception training requires you to look at dogs in a different way, look past body language to see what is happening with the balance of the body and muscle movement. Learning to see how posture and build will influence which exercises to use and the way you set up exercises. How does the dog move and what does that mean? What does an exercise do to the body movement and muscle tension. Learn when and how to increase criteria for different exercises and when not to implement an exercise.
We will be looking at cavaletti training, balance ball exercises, motor skills, plank work and balance boards.

Day 1:
- what is proprioception training
- movement and gaits theory and practical
- cavaletti training theory

Day 2:
- cavaletti training practical
- motor skills theory and practical

Day 3
- balance ball theory
- balance ball practical

Day 4
- warming up and cooling down
- plank work theory and practical

Day 5
- practical of the different exercises live and video: learning to see

These subjects are for instructors specifically mainly.


PRIS: 5.450 dkk
Inkluderet i prisen: Frugt, let frokost, Kaffe/the og kage.
- Begrænset pladser
- Vi vil "bruge" 10 - 12 raske voksne hunde for den praktiske del, hvor vi bruger kun en ad gangen til at observere bevægelse.
- Kursen er ikke delt op i hundepladser og observatør pladser og derfor er prisen den samme om du har hund med eller ej. Vi har kun brug for hundene til at vi alle sammen kan observere :-) Hør nærmere hvis I har spørgsmål!

Kontakt Mally : e-mail: minpuli@gmail eller mobil: +45-29859576

Sam Turner:
Has been training people and their dogs professionally for 17 years. In 2016 her third book of the series: "Your dog physically and mentally in balance." was published in The Netherlands. She is a member of the IMDT.
Sam has specialised in Proprioception training for dogs the past 6 years. This experience gives her extensive knowledge of how a dog's body develops and moves and how to offer exercise best suited to the individual dog. Whether your dog is a pet dog, a sports dog or has an injury, proprioception training offers exercises suited to develop and maintain fitness.