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The Dog´s Mind! Med Claudia Fugazza!


This seminar reveals the most recent scientific discoveries on dogs’ social cognition, explained by a scientist for the general public: dog trainers,

veterinarians, other professionals working with dogs and interested owners.

Dogs, thanks to their evolutionary and developmental history with humans, show some socio-cognitive skills that were thought to be uniquely humans.

During the seminar, the attendees will be taken into the journey of discoveries that now brought us to know a little bit more or “the dog’s mind”.

The predisposition to learn socially, different types of memory, self-awareness, awareness of own and others’ actions, language learning and the development of social cognitive skills in puppies... These and other topics that were recently investigated by scientists working on dogs’ cognition will be covered during the seminar.

It is a ‘not to be missed’ event for all professionals working with dogs, but also for interested owners and dog lovers.

Possibility to undertake an exam at the end of the seminar and obtain a certificate assessing the acquired knowledge.


- Self awareness in dogs?

- Language learning and processing and related cognitive skills. - Do dogs understand our words?

- The development of socio-cognitive skills in dog puppies and... using them for training

- The roots of social learning and imitation. Why is it so special?

- How do dogs remember? Different types of memory

- What do dogs learn from humans?

- The ability to understand others’ actions and their goals


Dr. Claudia Fugazza, PhD

Current position: Research Fellow at the Department of Ethology Eötvös Loránd

University – Budapest

STED: Tune Kursuscenter, Grevevej 20, 2670 Greve

PRIS: 1490.- inkluderet fuld forplejning


ELLER RING PÅ: 29859576