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7 days - Puppy training instructors course - Chirag Patel

Puppy training is often looked at as the easy group course to teach; However if you want to set-up a puppy for life, then mistakes made at this crucial point can have a lifetime of consequences. This course has been set-up to provide trainers knowledge, practice and support in this area.

The Practical Puppy Training Instructors’ course has been designed to provide both theoretical and practical skills in teaching puppies and their caregivers in a group setting. There is a focus on the practical application of information and getting hands-on during this course. 

There is a lot of information out there, BUT what is fact and what’s opinion?  How about common questions such as: 

  •      Should you have off lead play or not? If so, how do you do this?

  •      How do you deal with clients, their questions and those clients that you may label “difficult and unmotivated”?

  •      To teach bite inhibition or not? How do you teach this in a way that is practical for our clients?

During the 7-days you will learn how to help puppies develop socialisation skills and teach  their caregivers how to do this. How to create a puppy-human relationship that is based on trust, confidence and empowerment. Focusing on teaching puppies behaviours that are useful for daily living and help prepare them to cope with life’s challenges.

We emphasise that no matter how good you are as an animal trainer you are likely to make a minimal impact in the puppy-person relationship unless you have skills in helping humans change their behaviours too. So during the workshop we place importance on teaching both puppies and people.

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STED: Hangar 17, Lufthavnsvej 32, 8410 Rønde.

PRIS: med let forplejning alle dagene: 12000.-

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